Belmont Park Fun

Stay at Pacific View Inn to indulge in all California beach life activities and, better yet, venture out to San Diego’s famous beachfront amusement park located just a few minutes’ drive south from Pacific View Inn. Initially opened in 1925, Belmont Park continues to offer the best entertainment to family members of all ages. There are plenty of rides and arcade fun that can be enjoyed all day long. Because we know your time is limited, here are a few activities you must not miss during your Mission Beach trip.

The Giant Dipper

As you are making your way into Mission Bay, it is tough to miss this legendary wooden roller coaster. The Giant Dipper, a bucket-list item for roller coaster lovers, was built in 1925 when the amusement park first opened, and a century later, it is still a favorite and still attracts masses to come enjoy the cheer and fun rides.  The rollercoaster that is now a National Historic Landmark was restored in 1990 at a cost of $2 million. It took three years to go through the planning and building process.

The Sky-High Fun 

For all climbing and height enthusiasts, there is plenty of fun at historic Belmont Park. Have a taste of California’s climbing with the new addition to the joy of climbing, and race your friends up a “palm tree.” Or simply be challenged by the Sky Climb rock wall. If the height and views are what you are looking for, Zipline will provide it with zero effort on your part. Buckle up and buzz your way above the crows at up to 15 mph!

Beachside Dining

With all the fun at Belmont Park, you ought to get hungry and thirsty! Belmont Park offers a perfect selection of restaurants for every taste. So, relax and take in mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean, while you enjoy a tasty meal. Explore the rooftop patio at Cannonball if you love sushi and seafood, check out the Draft Mission Beach if you are a beer lover, or try the Beach House for the beachiest experience.

After all the fun and fantastic dining head over for some beachside rest and fall asleep to the sound of the waves at Pacific View Inn only minutes away from Belmont Park.