Crown point is a pleasant neighborhood located on the peninsula in the southern part of Pacific Beach. The area has many beachy and grassy areas overlooking Mission Bay’s tranquil waters. Mission bay, one of the largest human-made aquatic parks, will provide outdoor enthusiasts with an endless supply of activities.

Crown Point Area

The northern part of Crown Point has a grassy area called Crown Point Park. This area has picnic tables, barbeques, picnic shelters, fire-pits, and showers to rinse off after swimming. It also has a lifeguard on duty during the summer months. Below Crown Point Park, you can find many of the same amenities along with a boat launch and basketball courts for public use. If you are looking for more of a beach environment, the southern part of the Crown Point peninsula is where you will find the large sandy areas. It’s easy for hours to fly by when spending the day in Crown Point. If you stay until the late evening, note that the parking lot closes at 10 pm. You will want to make sure your car is out before then.

Outdoor Activities

The number of activities that can take place in Crown Point are just about endless. On Mission Bay, there is wakeboarding, sailing, jet-skiing, swimming, tubing, and more. There are also plenty of activities outside of the water. The large grassy areas offer plenty of space for soccer, volleyball, frisbee, football, and any other of your favorites activities. As mentioned earlier, there are basketball courts available for public use. There is also a path that goes around Mission Bay that is a popular spot for people to jog and cycle. You can even go for a leisurely walk and get a great view of the luxury homes along the peninsula. Some of the most expensive housing is in this area! At the end of the day you can relax, watch the sailboats pass by, and see the SeaWorld fireworks light up the sky.

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